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Substrate - Avenger
Sub cruisers avenger.jpg
General Information
Type Cruiser
Constructed by Assembly
Time 35 seconds
Metal 275
Radioactives 60
Logistics 10
Spawn Count 1
Hit Points 635
Armor 1
Shield 1380
Sight Radius 1000
Radar Radius 1015
Weapon - Mayhem Cannon
DPS 50
Range 400
Weapon - Discouraging Streamer
DPS 175
Range 350
Requires energy

The Avenger is a cruiser-class unit for the Substrate.

Cheap anti-frigate cruiser.


This anti-frigate cruiser is a massive problem for large groupings of small units. Its Mayhem Cannon is short-range, but packs a powerful impact against frigates, and its Discouraging Streamer is excellent for chewing through frigate swarms.


  • Avenger is capable of annihilating frigates with the Discouraging Streamer weapon, which does massive multi-hit damage in a frontal cone, clearing away any frigates trying to approach it. While this weapon can only target frigates, other units caught in its path will also suffer rather significant damage.
  • The Avenger weakness is its low durability. Thus, while the frigates might have trouble killing it, they might not have to do so, leaving the job to Athena and/or Mauler instead. With enough quantity however, frigates squads can still find success trying to overpower a lone Avenger, but might still suffer quite some losses if the Avenger manages to fire its main weapon before dying.
  • While the Avenger uses energy fairly rapidly to use its main weapon, it's also doing a very good job with it and thus create its own rest time to regain the energy used. However, if it's sent on a long trip with frigates after frigates encounters, attaching a Capacitor to it is not a bad idea.

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