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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Cruiser
Cost 8 Logistics, 350 Metal, 90 Radioactives, 44 seconds
Hit Points 1000
Armor 20%

The Athena is a cruiser class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.

Cruiser destroyer. Strong versus other cruisers.


Assault cruiser with some light armoring in order to protect it from enemy barrages. Its Plasma Gutter is deadly against enemy cruisers while also packing secondary weapons for light firepower against enemy frigates.

Weapon Specs

Rapture Cannon

Sweeps away frigates and other riff-raff with volleys of highest-class ammunition available.

  • 10 DPS per unit
  • 400 meters range

Plasma Gutter

Beam weapon that eviscerates larger targets with a deadly plasma stream.

  • 114 DPS per unit
  • 500 meters range
  • 20% armor-piercing

TK-421 Blast Cannon

Heavy slug thrower that makes up for inaccuracy with high per-impact damage.

  • 12 DPS per unit
  • 600 meters range

Game Usage

  • Athena evaporates most other cruisers within a few seconds, making it the backbone unit of most PHC armies, simply offering excellent brute force firepower to deal with cruisers, dreadnoughts and juggernauts.
  • Athena also gains a temporary speed boost once its main weapon locks onto a target, making it extremely deadly vs other cruisers, leaving them little chance to survive.
  • Despite having a weapon to deal with frigates, Athena is generally helpless against a squad of frigates and will require support from frigates or anti-frigate cruisers, such as the Zeus. Unlike Mauler, Athena can fire its main weapon on frigates. While this has no real downside as Athena doesn't require energy to do so (like Mauler does), this will cause the weapon to incur attack cool down and this might mean death when facing enemy Athenas and/or Maulers soon after the enemy frigate is destroyed.
  • Despite offering very reliable brute force damage, Athena will eventually have problem with heavy cruisers, high level dreadnoughts, juggernauts or dreadnoughts and/or juggernauts with proper support armies should they ever gain critical mass or level advantage. Thus, it's important to transition out of mass Athena when it's no longer effective.