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The AreaIndicator command places a visible indicator on all map views: Standard, Strategic, and Minimap.


  • Name - The name of the area.
  • Position - The center of the area.
  • Color - The color the area indicator is. [ Green | Blue | Red ]
  • Size - How big the area indicator will be.
  • Duration - How long the area indicator should last, -1 means that it lasts forever.

Common Usage

  • Highlighting objectives


 <Trigger Name="BeginMission" Type="Timer" Timer="0" Inactive="1" >
   <Objective Name="Initial_Obj" String="TurtleWars_Initial_Obj" SetCheck="false" />
   <Objective Name="Generator_Obj" String="TurtleWars_Generator_Obj" SetCheck="false" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="Fac_Ind" Position="0,0" Size="250" Color="Red" Duration="-1" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="GenNW1_Ind" Position="10400,-10500" Size="200" Color="Blue" Duration="-1" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="GenNW2_Ind" Position="8576,-10368" Size="200" Color="Blue" Duration="-1" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="GenNW3_Ind" Position="10240,-8672" Size="200" Color="Blue" Duration="-1" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="GenSE1_Ind" Position="-10240,9984" Size="200" Color="Green" Duration="-1" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="GenSE2_Ind" Position="-8320,9984" Size="200" Color="Green" Duration="-1" />
   <AreaIndicator Name="GenSE3_Ind" Position="-10112,8192" Size="200" Color="Green" Duration="-1" />

This displays infinite-duration circles on each of the six generators that are tied to a capture objective, as well as a red warning indicator on the factory tied to spawning the waves that will shortly be attacking the player.