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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Frigate
Cost 2 Logistics, 64 Metal, 14 seconds
Hit Points 80
Armor 0

The Archer is a frigate class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.

Fragile but high damage against cruisers and buildings.


The AR-105 “Archer” was the first generation of PHC constructs to feature chemically propelled rockets that can be constructed without the use of radioactives. This technology was later used to create the SM-AR-105 Smarty defense platform. It is very effective at damaging enemy units, but is relatively fragile. Moreover, the Toxotes rocket platform it uses has limited range in exchange for not relying on radioactives. Though fragile, this unit is ideal for dealing with massed cruisers.

Weapon Specs

Toxotes Rockets

Mid-range unguided rockets designed to take out enemy cruisers.

  • 19 DPS per unit
  • 550 meters range
  • 20% armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • Archers can be considered mini-Athenas that deal very reliable damage and, if not too much counters are on the field, can be the backbone of a PHC army.
  • Archers can overwhelm anti-frigate cruisers if they're numerous enough and with Medic support as the first volley combined with their good range can surprisingly one-shot most anti-frigate cruisers before they can fire their weapons.
  • Mass Archers can catch enemy off-guard if they don't have enough anti-frigate measures in time. However, if they do, it serves as a double-edged sword, wasting a lot of metals for little gains.