Air Marauder

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Air Marauder
General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Aircraft
Cost 15 Logistics, 500 Metal, 350 Radioactives, 60 seconds
Hit Points 1400
Armor 40%

The Air Marauder is an aircraft for the Post-Human Coalition.

Ground attack gunship, useful for harassment and effective against lightly armored units.


This armored air support unit has an intensely focused laser cannon that can devastate single target its enemies at close range. 

Weapon Specs

Thermal Laser Cannon

Front mounted laser cannon which fires intense beams of thermal energy at close-range foes.

  • 74 DPS per unit
  • 600 meters range
  • 20% armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • Air Marauder is slower than the pair of Fury and Hades and usually falls behind if travel in a group together. This makes it require some babysitting to ensure enemy ASF and ground anti-air units don't pick it off the trail of the air army. This also makes the Marauder unable to retreat in most situations, having to commit to do damage before going down.
  • Air Marauder is quite expensive and if scouted and countered, can go down very quickly to ASFs. Thus, there should be enough info to make a decision to build them.
  • Air Marauder performs worse than Hades on frigates and highly clumped armies. However, it is superior vs almost every other situations and should be the go-to choice if air-to-ground harass is required.