Air Harbinger

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Air Harbinger
The Air Harbinger
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Aircraft
Cost 50 Logistics, 1200 Metal, 1400 Radioactives, 120 seconds
Hit Points 1200
Shields 3000
Armor 25%

The Air Harbinger is an aircraft for the Substrate faction.

Heavy gunship with devastating single target armor-piercing attack. Strong against Dreadnoughts and Juggernauts.


The Harbinger is slow but tough, with a devastating beam weapon that shreds tough enemies due to heavy armor-piercing. Deadly against structures, dreadnoughts and juggernauts.

Weapon Specs

Katsika Cannon

  • 180 DPS per unit
  • 800 meter range
  • 100% armor-piercing

Game Usage

  • Air Harbinger is slow but durable and packs serious single target damage.
  • It's most effective to protect the Air Harbingers with Dominator squads to escort them to its destination.
  • Unlike Strategic Bomber, Air Harbinger does not have AoE damage and cannot deal with swarms of units, particularly one that has plenty of anti-air units. It's best used to snipe important units or structures before most likely going down to enemy anti-air and ASFs.