PHC Orbital Abilities

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Orbital Abilities are powers that can be called in to the battlefield and provide a number of roles. Orbital Abilities cost Quanta to use, which is generated from constructing Quantum Relays. Orbital Abilities can be jammed in certain areas due to Orbital Jamming.

Support Abilities

  • Sensor Sweep
  • Focuses orbital satellites over an area to grant active sight for a time

  • Intensive Care
  • A swarm of healing drones is fired from a specialized orbital railgun to any site you have direct vision of.

  • Orbital Jam
  • Protects a large radius from orbital abilities for 60 seconds.

  • Optimize
  • An Amplifier is optimized to permanently improve its resource output. Note: You must first build an Amplifier on a controlled Power Generator.

  • Rush Build
  • Doubles production for the selected Factory for 120 seconds.

  • Nano-Mesh Barrier
  • Target unit gains +2000 maximum health. (doesn't stack)

  • Emergency Turret
  • A light Emergency Turret is deployed in powered friendly territory to defend enemy attacks.

  • Engineer Drop
  • Calls an Engineer down from low orbit to any location your forces can see.

  • Call Sapper
  • Spawns a Heavy Engineer that can build advanced base defenses.

Offensive Abilities

  • EMP Pulse
  • Deals heavy shield damage in a localized area by detonating a small hydrogen weapon in the upper atmosphere. Only useful against Substrate.

  • Plasma Storm
  • A localized storm of destructive plasma is created through careful manipulation of the ionosphere.

  • Orbital Strike
  • Causes massive kinetic destruction in an area by dropping a tungsten rod from orbit.

  • Call Sentry
  • Inserts a small force of Sentries to disrupt the enemy or to capture regions.

  • Deploy Incursion
  • A small raiding force materializes through an unstable teleport to any location you can see.

  • Carving Turret
  • A Carving Turret is temporarily instantiated at any revealed location. Strong versus cruisers and dreadnaughts, but overcharged weapons give it a limited life span.