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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Juggernaut
Cost 275 Logistics, 20000 Metal, 6500 Radioactives, 1050 Quanta 850 seconds
Hit Points 60000
Armor 60%

The Leonidas is a juggernaut class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The PHC Leonidas is a juggernaut destroyer, designed to annihilate several enemy dreadnoughts dual any other juggernaut.

The Leonidas is incredible tough and boasts the most powerful weapon ever mounted on a construct, the Medusa Cannon, which has a long reload time but negates all armor and with enough Quantum Upgrades can destroy a dreadnought in a single burst. The Leonidas also has a number of secondary weapons, giving moderate resistance against cruisers and frigates, though it can still be overwhelmed by large groups of basic units.

Weapon Specs

Medusa Cannon

  • 881 DPS
  • 1500 meter range
  • 100% armor-piercing

Leonidas Plasma Cannon

  • 600 DPS
  • 600 meter range
  • 100% armor-piercing

Leonidas Dual Autocannons

  • 80 DPS
  • 800 meter range

Game Usage

  • The "Leo" is arguably regarded as the 2nd best Juggernaut in the game, competing with the "Eye" of the Darkness. Its capability of erasing most single important targets quickly from the field allows its supporting army to deal with the remaining survivors much easier.
  • The Leo can be swarmed by lower tier armies due to having very low rate of fire on its 2 main weapons.
  • The Leo Medusa Cannon range is very impressive, losing only to artillery weaponry, allowing the Leo to have a very imposing presence when possessing a strategic position. Other armies, with or without leading Juggernaut, passing by might suffer a very significant amount of damage. With some kiting, the Leo poses a deadly threat to other Juggernauts.