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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Dreadnought
Cost 100 Logistics, 4800 Metal, 2000 Radioactives, 400 seconds
Hit Points 14000
Armor 60%

The Hyperion is a Dreadnought class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The Hyperion was the first, and for a while, only, Dreadnought. It is an area superiority platform. Its array of weaponry will destroy virtually any army of any size on a given world largely without backup.

When first launched, it was simply referred to as “The Titan”. A doomsday weapon designed to make clear to any PHC renegades that their defiance and law breaking was futile.

An area dominance dreadnought, the Hyperion is a capital ship with superb staying power in the field. Its heavy armor that absorbs up to 60% of incoming damage and its high hit points make this dreadnought very difficult to take down. 

In addition to its already solid defenses, the Hyperion’s WRX 1020 Pulse Cannons fire a stream of medium-range energized particles that break down the molecular bonds of the foes they impact. Its 8 Hercules MK-1 Dual Autocannons fire explosive shells at nearby targets and force them to give this massive ship a wide berth.

Weapon Specs

WRX 1020 Cannon

  • 326 DPS per unit
  • 700 meter range

Hercules MK-1 Dual Autocannon

  • 51 DPS per unit
  • 800 meter range