Eye of Darkness

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Eye of Darkness
General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Juggernaut
Cost 300 Logistics, 22000 Metal, 8000 Radioactives, 1200 Quanta, 900 seconds
Hit Points 12500
Shields 37500
Armor 50%

The Nest of the Queen is a juggernaut class warship for the Substrate.


The Eye of Darkness is a juggernaut destroyer and anti-ground powerhouse, capable of decimating all ground targets.

The Eye of Darkness only has a single weapon, affectionately named "Attitude Adjuster" by the PHC. It fires a deadly beam which explodes in a wide area of effect, which negates all armor making it deadly against all targets. The Eye of Darkness lacks any form of anti-air, making it vulnerable and can't dual a Leonidas directly

Weapon Specs

Attitude Adjuster

  • 870 DPS
  • 1000 meter range
  • 100% armor-piercing
  • Area of effect weapon