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Template:Version Developer Journals are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Stardock to describe the game design in detail.

No. Title and link Description Date
Developer Journals List of all developer diaries
1 Week 5 Dev Status Post 1.1 Micro updates 2016-05-03
2 Eradicator Concept Substrate Addition 2016-05-03
3 Week 4 Dev Status v1.1 Overview 2016-04-26
4 Basic editorial standards in game reviews Gamergate & Reviews 2016-04-25
5 Ashes v1.1 Changelog The first big update 2016-04-18
6 Taking Ashes of the Singularity from HERE to THERE What's next for Ashes 2016-04-19
7 Ashes of the Singularity: Week 3 How Ashes will evolve 2016-04-18
8 Rewarding Early Adopters in the age of the Steam Sale How sales effect day 1 2016-04-06
9 Ashes going gold Ready to show off Ashes 2016-03-23
10 New Metaverse Update Players can Filter Crowdsourced Benchmark Information 2016-03-22
11 Ashes: Pre-Mortem #1 Game Design Process 2016-01-05
12 Ashes: Typical performance Common video cards at 1920x1080 2016-03-18
13 An Ashes Guide For Total Annihilation players 2016-03-16
14 Ashes of the Singularity: Humanity in 2178 First of many articles in series 2016-02-29
15 Ashes: Extreme Zoom II See how Ashes a unique zoom level 2016-01-04
16 A long rambling series Steam, engines, and what it takes 2016-01-02
17 Revisiting Supreme Commander A comparison 2016-01-18
18 November Status Report Strategies and plans 2015-11-17
19 Performance and balance tuning Zoom, unit tiers, pacing and more 2015-11-05
20 My Hive See Brad's strategies 2015-10-23
21 Master Doc Backstory, FAQ, System Requirements and more 2015-10-18
22 DirectX 12 and Ashes of the Singularity Objects are rendered like physical objects 2015-10-13
23 How you can help make the most epic RTS ever Play Ashes and show us what you've got 2015-10-09
24 Founder's Pre-Beta: August 20 Join the founder's pre-beta 2015-08-15
25 Next Ashes Pre-Beta incoming What to expect, how to join 2015-09-25
26 Alpha 0.50 Change log Gameplay, art, UI and more 2015-08-27
27 Lore: Understanding Turinium Preface, Computronium and more 2015-09-04
28 Founders program will end in the near future Get it now before it's too late 2015-08-21
29 July update Win10 support, Lore, Naming conventions and what's next 2015-07-28
30 Extreme zoom Pre-alpha info and evaluation 2015-03-20
31 August 2015 FAQ Answering the most commonly asked questions 2015-08-04
32 Setup options Metal, turinium, power, logisitics and noble gasses 2015-08-08
33 Map Talk Showing off some of the in-game maps 2015-07-27
34 July Founders Preview Windows 10, AI, Multiplayer and Requests 2015-07-10
35 Founder’s Build coming next week What to expect in the first build 2015-06-08
36 May Founders Update Skirmish, planets, multiplayer and pew pew 2015-05-29
37 Post-Humans vs. Substrate: Units Two different playing options 2015-03-25
38 Welcome! About Ashes of the Singularity 2015-03-04