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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Cruiser
Cost 7 Logistics, 350 Metal, 30 Radioactives, 48 seconds
Hit Points 800
Energy 0
Armor 4

The Athena is a cruiser class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.


A heavy assault cruiser, the Athena has some light armoring in order to protect it from enemy barrages. Its Rapture Cannon makes quick work of frigates and other small units while its Plasma Gutter can eviscerate larger targets with a deadly stream of plasma. To round out its armaments, the Athena also has a TK-421 Blast Cannon that throws heavy slugs with massive impact, despite its inaccuracy.

Weapon Specs

Rapture Cannon

  • 18 DPS per unit
  • 600 meter range

Plasma Gutter

  • 143 DPS per unit
  • 720 meter range

TK-421 Blast Cannon

  • 48 DPS per unit
  • 720 meter range