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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Juggernaut
Cost 250 Logistics, 18000 Metal, 6000 Radioactives, 1000 Quanta, 800 seconds
Hit Points 50000
Armor 60%

The Agamemnon is a Juggernaut class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The PHC Agamemnon is an area dominance juggernaut, designed to annihilate swarms of frigates and cruisers.

The Agamemnon was designed to compliment the Leonidas, which on its own is vulnerable to large armies of frigates and cruisers. The Agamemnon is incredibly tough and features a double 8x Laser Pulse Battery system with an incredibly fast rate of fire that can rapidly engage a number of small targets, and can take down small numbers of dreadnoughts. The Agamemnon also packs a massive missile launcher battery which deliver high explosive payloads in a wide area which devastates groups of frigates and cruisers. Lastly, the Agamemnon has a number of improved triple-barrelled auto cannons which grant good damage against air units.

Weapon Specs

WRB 1050 Laser Pulse Cannon

  • 1200 DPS
  • 800 meter range
  • 20% armor-piercing

WM-208 Tempest Missile Battery

  • 71 DPS
  • 1250 meter range
  • Area of effect damage

Agamemnon MK-II Triple Autocannon

  • 80 DPS
  • 1000 meter range

Game Usage

  • The "Aga"memnon is widely regarded as the third best Juggernaut in the game. It has the most impressive ground raw AoE damage of all units in the game, capable of clearing swarming armies with ease.
  • The Aga has good AA capabilities, however, not more impressive than the Queen in the trade for a much stronger AoE ground damage. Thus, protecting the Aga with supporting AA is still necessary, however not as crucial as the Leo or the Eye requires.
  • Despite being a Juggernaut, the Aga has quite some problem dealing with Dreadnoughts and especially Juggernauts due to the low armor penetration of its weaponry. It's still foolish for the Dreadnoughts to think they can win vs an Aga, however, they can delay the Aga advance by quite a significant amount as compared to being slaughtered when facing the other 3 Juggernauts.
  • The Aga is particularly effective for breaking strong fortification thanks to overwhelming AoE damage from its 2nd weapon, reducing clumps of defenses to dust with ease due to the structure being fixed targets, improving the weaponry accuracy to 100%.