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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Cruiser
Cost 5 Logistics, 320 Metal, 58 Radioactives, 41 seconds
Hit Points 1400
Armor 20%

The Zeus is a cruiser class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The Zeus is directly inspired by the Typhon Rage Warrior cruiser. It was first encountered on CT-941 when the claim jumper Typhon used several of them to annihilate the entire PHC Brute force. The “Zeus” was the first of the Greek God cruisers to be produced. Its primary weapon, the “God of Thunder” is devastating to any units within its short-range, thus making it particularly effective against massed frigates. It also has dual laser cannons that provide additional, though limited, defense against longer ranged units such as the Archer.

Weapon Specs

Heavy Laser Cannon [x2]

  • 20 DPS per unit
  • 300 meter range

Zeus CT-941A Plasma Streamer

  • 60 DPS per unit
  • 250 meter range
  • Area Damage