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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Juggernaut
Cost 100 Logistics, 8000 Metal, 2000 Radioactives, 200 seconds
Hit Points 10000
Energy 250
Armor 18

The Prometheus is a Juggernaut class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The Prometheus remains highly controversial within the PHC since its entire existence is justified on its ability to kill the Hyperion. The Prometheus is very vulnerable to both frigates and cruisers, thus making it largely unsuited on the battlefield unless the opponent is fielding Hyperions.

Since only the PHC is capable of fielding Dreadnoughts, the obvious question is: why would someone design a Dreadnought for the PHC whose mission is to destroy the PHC’s primary weapon’s platform?

The controversy continues.

This capital ship is devastating versus other dreadnoughts. It is capable of incredible bursts of damage against single targets and is greatly feared in the field. Like its other dreadnought counterparts, the Prometheus has heavy armor that absorbs up to 90% of incoming damage.

The Prometheus is well-armed, though its most prominent armament is its front-mounted Quad Pulse Cannon. This impressive weapon deals massive damage to in-range enemies. 3 smaller plasma cannons mounted on the ship are excellent for annihilating enemy cruisers at a medium range, and 4 heavy autocannons round out its arsenal by using depleted uranium shells to punch holes in nearby smaller targets.

Weapon Specs

Quad Pulse Cannon

  • 330 DPS per unit
  • 900 meter range

Plasma Cannon

  • 9 DPS per unit
  • 720 meter range

Heavy Autocannon

  • 24 DPS per unit
  • 360 meter range