PHC Charon

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PHC Charon
General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Cruiser
Cost 70 Logistics, 700 Metal, 40 Radioactives, 40 seconds
Hit Points 1500
Armor 50%

The PHC Charon is a cruiser class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The PHC Charon allows for units to be teleported directly to its location, providing instant reinforcements for any army. Its heavy armor absorbs up to 80% of incoming damage, which allows for durability in the field. It is also armed with 8 modest Charon MK-1 Autocannons, allowing for some additional firepower.

Weapon Specs

Charon MK-1 Autocannon [x8]

  • 41 DPS per unit
  • 300 meter range