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Sub dreadnought overmind.jpg
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General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Juggernaut
Cost 100 Logistics, 2000 Metal, 5000 Radioactives, 180 seconds
Hit Points 6000
Energy 250
Shields 9000

The Overmind is a juggernaut-class ship for the Substrate.


This capital ship is a support dreadnought that serves as an armed, mobile drone platform. Drones, however, are not its only form of attack -- the Overmind boasts 4 Gentle Persuader Level III Plasma Negotiators that fire bursts of energy against land-based targets. 

Weapon Specs

Gentle Persuader Level III Plasma Negotiator [x4]

  • 44 DPS per unit
  • 720 meter range

Drone Manufactory

  • Deadly Drone Swarms