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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Frigate
Cost 3 Logistics, 108 Metal, 54 Radioactives, 27 seconds
Hit Points 250
Armor 0

The Medic is a frigate class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.


KV-1 nano-reconstitutor - referred to as “the medic” by its users - shoots a beam of programmable matter into damaged constructs that re-activates that construct’s original blue printing system and orders it to do self-repair. Due to the on-going patent dispute between its designer “Mozart” and the PHC military consortium, the KV-1 technology has not been widely disseminated into the PHC. With its ability to heal friendly units, the Medic is the backbone of any army.

Weapon Specs

Fusion Arc

  • 21 DPS (healed) per unit
  • 300 meter range