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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Jugernaut
Cost 100 Logistics, 6000 Metal, 3000 Radioactives, 200 seconds
Hit Points 12000
Energy 250
Armor 18

The Hyperion is a Juggernaut class warship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The Hyperion was the first, and for a while, only, Dreadnought. It is an area superiority platform. Its array of weaponry will destroy virtually any army of any size on a given world largely without backup.

When first launched, it was simply referred to as “The Titan”. A doomsday weapon designed to make clear to any PHC renegades that their defiance and law breaking was futile.

The Hyperion remains the master of the battlefield but is now vulnerable to the new PHC Prometheus which has been designed specifically to kill a Hyperion.

An area dominance dreadnought, the Hyperion is a capital ship with unsurpassed staying power in the field. Its heavy armor that absorbs up to 90% of incoming damage and its high hit points make this dreadnought very difficult to take down. 

In addition to its already solid defenses, the Hyperion’s WRX 1020 Pulse Cannons fire a stream of medium-range energized particles that break down the molecular bonds of the foes they impact. Its 8 Hercules MK-1 Dual Autocannons fire explosive shells at nearby targets and force them to give this massive ship a wide berth.

Weapon Specs

WRX 1020 Cannon

  • 165 DPS per unit
  • 840 meter range

Hercules MK-1 Dual Autocannon

  • 329 DPS per unit
  • 360 meter range