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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Aircraft
Cost 9 Logistics, 250 Metal, 180 Radioactives, 45 seconds
Hit Points 625 x 3
Armor 0

The Hades is a ground-attacking aircraft for the Post-Human Coalition.


The Hades bomber is a design that has, unfortunately, proliferated well beyond the PHC military arsenal and is now commonly utilized by renegades engaging in claim jumping. Armed with the Nova bomb, its violet disassembling nanites make its presence on the battlefield readily apparent. Inaccurate and lacking strong single target damage, but wide area of effect makes deadly against groups of enemies, particular frigates.

Weapon Specs

Nova Bombs

  • 10 DPS per unit
  • 1200 meter range
  • Area Effect Weapon
  • 20% armor-piercing