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General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Cruiser
Cost 12 Logistics, 720 Metal, 240 Radioactives, 120 seconds
Hit Points 800
Energy 500
Shields 1800

The Eradicator is a cruiser-class ship for the Substrate.


The Eradicator is a very slow and powerful cruiser. Its Peeping Tom fires a lethal projectile of energy that is made for destroying dreadnoughts at range. It also comes equipped with 7 plasma cannons for all-pupose ground and air defense.

Weapon Specs

Peeping Tom

  • 124 DPS per unit
  • 1250 meter range
  • Area Effect Weapon
  • Requires Energy

Plasma Cannon [x7]

  • 66 DPS per unit
  • 660 meter range