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Sub cruisers avenger.jpg
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General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Cruiser
Cost 6 Logistics, 292 Metal, 56 Radioactives, 39 seconds
Hit Points 180
Shields 500
Armor 20%

The Avenger is a cruiser-class unit for the Substrate.


This anti-frigate cruiser is a massive problem for large groupings of small units. Its Mayhem Cannon is short-range, but packs a powerful impact, and its Discouraging Streamer is excellent for chewing through frigate swarms.

Weapon Specs

Mayhem Cannon

  • 4 DPS per unit
  • 500 meter range

Discouraging Streamer

  • 181 DPS per unit
  • 350 meter range
  • Requires Energy