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General Data
Faction Post-Human Coalition
Type Cruiser
Cost 5 Logistics, 280 Metal, 46 Radioactives, 34 Seconds
Hit Points 680
Armor 20%

The Apollo is a cruiser class ship for the Post-Human Coalition.


The Apollo is the most recent of the “Olympus” project. Designed to counter the proliferation of the Hades bomber into the hands of the Renegades, the Apollo is absolutely devastating against both aircraft as well as drones, thanks to its high precision targeting system and the NT-301 flak cannon.

Weapon Specs

Point Defense Laser [x4]

  • 52 DPS per unit
  • 1000 meter range
  • 25% armor-piercing

Light Autocannon [x2]

  • 14 DPS per unit
  • 1250 meter range
  • 25% armor-piercing

Flak Cannon

  • 44 DPS per unit
  • 800 meter range
  • Area Effect Weapon
  • 25% armor-piercing