(Substrate) Mobile Nullifier

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(Substrate) Mobile Nullifier

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General Data
Faction Substrate
Type Cruiser
Cost 18 Logistics, 1000 Metal, 800 Radioactives, 70 seconds
Hit Points 300
Energy 0
Shields 1200

The Mobile Nullifier is a cruiser class ship for the Substrate.


This cruiser is a mobile platform for the Substrate's Quantum Jammer, which prevents orbital abilities from being called down within a certain area. While combat isn't its primary function, the Mobile Nullifier comes equipped with a medium-range all purpose defensive weapon by way of its 2 light plasma cannons. It also defends itself from air assults with 2 anti-air plasma cannons mounted on its towers.

Weapon Specs

Light Plasma Cannon [x2]

  • 6 DPS per unit
  • 600 meter range

Anti-Air Plasma Cannon [x2]

  • 23 DPS per unit
  • 600 meter range